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Dry Cleaning
Delivery Service 

Save time by skipping trips to the dry cleaners. Let HalloQ pick up, clean, and deliver your dry cleaning.

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Your benefits

Use Hallo Q  and enjoy more free time

Don’t have the time or the desire to do the laundry? Jonny Fresh will take that work off your hands. Flexible, fast, and always shipshape! From business wear such as shirts and suits, through household laundry such as bedding, pillows, mattress covers, and towels to wedding dresses or office laundry – we’ll pick up, clean, iron, and deliver whenever, wherever you want. Spotless proposition isn’t it?

fast cleaning process

pick-up & delivery

available in Antwerp

premium quality

also for business Customers

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Wash & Fold

The most effortless way to handle your everyday laundry needs.

Folding Shirts

Schedule a pickup

You can schedule a pickup any day of the week. Your Valet will arrive with your free, personalized Rinse bags between 8pm and 10pm to pick up your clothes.

Professional cleaning care

You can schedule a pickup any day of the week. Your Valet will arrive with your free, personalized Rinse bags between 8pm and 10pm to pick up your clothes.

Ready to wear

Your clothes are delivered to your door, crisply folded and your socks paired, ready to be worn or put into drawers.


Our Wash & Fold service priced per pound.
Standard 3-4 day turnaround.
Next-Day Rush available.


Dry Cleaning

Convenient pickup and delivery to save you time. High-quality cleaning to keep you looking your best.


Your clothes tracked

You can schedule a pickup any day of the week. We’ll email you a photo and itemized inventory of everything being cleaned.

Expert cleaning and stain removal

We carefully follow the care label and inspect your clothes for stains to ensure they receive the optimal treatment.

Pressed and returned on hangers

Your clothes are delivered to your door crisply pressed, put on hangers, placed in protective garment bags, and ready to wear.

Standard 3-4 day turnaround for all orders.

All Shirts 

€ 4.95


€ 10.95


€ 12.95


€ 12.95

Casual Dress      

€ 18.95

how it work

How it works

How textile cleaning works for private customers


Schedule a Hallo Q when you need it via
Service is available 7 days a week between 7pm and 9pm — even if you’re not home!

Expert cleaning

Enjoy the extra 3 hours you save each week with Hallo Q while your items are expertly cleaned by masters of clothing care with decades of experience.

Fast turnaround

Relax with delivery right to your door. Standard turnaround is 3–4 days  with Rush options available .

Your first




Your Valet will always arrive between 7pm and 9pm.

At 5:30pm, we’ll text you a 30-minute ETA window.

We’ll also send a link to track your Valet, and your order once it’s picked up.​

Your Valet will always bring bags in case you do not have any bags to put your clothes in.

Save 3+ hours a week with Hallo Q!

Convince yourself now of the advantages
of our pick-up and delivery service!

From blazer to winter jacket

We provide a wide range of laundry services


Our clients love
what we do

Trust the personal testimonials of other customers. No matter whether it is about the cleaning of suits, a professional shirt cleaning or the washing and drying of comforters, pillows or towels, with just a few clicks you can book the professional textile cleaning in best quality comfortably online.​

Customer service

We would be glad to assist        you

We are happy when you are happy. If that’s not the case, please let us know – either via our app or by contact form.

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